**Unlimited** Mining Simulator Codes

Mining simulator is one of the leading web-based games of the Roblox games. It is the coolest game with much exciting amusement experience developed by Runway Rumble. you can get 100% working mining simulator codes 2019 from here.

In this gameplay, your character will be a kind of an excavator, where you dig deeper in, to collect jewels, diamonds and other valuable things.

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Provided you would have a rucksack loaded with few essential things, which you can use it when required. Also, you have to maintain your rucksack at particular intervals to help you burrow furthermore and also to earn points.

Roblox Mining Simulator Codes

It was initially released on 13th February 2018. In this gameplay either you play with the team of your friends or you can take up a solo play, all that you have to do is just go for mining expeditions, discover gems and pearls by the way you become rich, also you can strike diamonds and travel to different amusing worlds. Apart from this, you proceed with collecting pets, hats, trinkets and more.


Roblox Mining Simulator Codes

Codes are something that is more valuable and you can use it to redeem your rewards. To redeem your code, you have to click the button with the twitter symbol on it, named as code and this icon would be displayed on the left side of the screen. Get the code into the text box and press enter to proceed.

Mining Simulator Codes Roblox

As you get different Mining Simulator coupon codes, you would get either free pearls, coins or even some precious stones and you as well would get a chance to open up many different amazements and have much more fun in this gameplay.

Below listed are the few codes and their benefits.

CODES Results
Easter/Hats/More Hats/Even More Hats 1 Free Cap
DABBIN/Candy/Dino Earn 2000 coins
Frozen yogurt Get 1 uncommon egg
Rumble studios Free rare egg
Defieldplays2/defieldplays Free 1500 coins
Level Apply the code and appreciate free skin
Journeys Free 2000 coins
Reward/digging deep Free cap Containers
Dinosaur/exchanges Use in off chance when you require free  5000 coins
Get-away Free cap
100million Unbelievable skin
Lemonade Experience amazing cavity
Patriotic stars/patriot Recovering codes for free amazing eggs
America 80 resurrection tokens
Coolwater Incredible egg in a split second
HammieJammiesucksx2 20 resurrection tokens
Crainer Free 1000 coins
Frozen yogurt/mystery You get the amazing eggs in a split second
Crainergamer Uncommon cap
Roll  Uncommon egg
Resurrection Free 1200 coins
Catman Free 20 resurrection tokens
Adventure Legendary Hat Crate
Money Free 10,000 coins
1 Year 70 rebirth Tokens
AnniversaryTokens 250 rebirth Tokens
AnniversaryCrate Legendary Hat Crate
AnniversaryEgg Legendary egg
Some more codes Bread, toast, jam, retro, Apple juice, invasion, sneaky, breadland, overhaul, NewStart


Non-twitching codes

You also have few non-twitching codes in the gameplay and they are listed below.

15 Skin Crates x1 common crate, x1 unique crate, x3 rare crate, x4 epic crate, x6 legendary crate
44 Hat Crates x12 Rare Hat Crate, x5 Epic Hat Crate, x4 Omega Hat Crate, x24 Legendary Hat Crate
33 Eggs x3 Unique eggs, x8 rare eggs, x22 legendary eggs
4 Accessory Crates x4 Epic Crates
3 Trail Crates x3 Spooky Trail Crate
5 Skins Abstract, Lamb sauce, Comic, Retro Gamer


Some of the Pets and Trinkets in the gameplay

  • Inferno cube pet – By just hatching the epic, omega and the mythical legendary eggs, you get the inferno cube pet, which is a magical and mythical pet that you get in the mining simulator.
  • Unicorn Pet – Hatched from rare omega, epic and the legendary eggs is the Unicorn Legendary pet. Which is capable of emitting drastic spark and rainbow trails. This pet does not include in the pet list and it has a colour variation of Black. Some other kind of unicorns would be a rainbow unicorn, shadow unicorn, zombiecorn, unicase and so on.
  • Beach Boi pet – on hatching epic, omega, mystical and legendary eggs, you get the Beach Boi pet which is a kind of an imaginary and mythical pet in the simulator.
  • Crab Pet- By hatching epic, omega and legendary eggs you get the mythical crab pet that is totally harmless and so the players would enjoy having this pet.
  • December event – this event involves 2 new quests where you get items that you prefer, this event happens between December 10, 2018, to February 15, 2019.
  • Christmas pupper – hatched from the jolly egg is the special Christmas pepper. It is an occasional thing that you can use it only during the Christmas event.
  • Currency – currencies are used for experiencing certain privileges in the simulator.
  • Trade trips – it is to guide the players in the gameplay and to get rid of the scams.

Few important Ores of the game

As you proceed with the gameplay, ores play a vital role, which uses the source of coins that is concentrated. You can utilize this for the quests in the gameplay and also for the several other journeys you take in the gameplay.

These are also used for the growth of pets, and as you proceed with the gameplay you get many different ores at different stages and which are used in the later stage of the gameplay.

You keep on collecting several kinds of stones and gems in the gameplay to make you rich. Some of these gems are

  • Gold Gem – This variety of valuable mythical gem will be available in the dino land, and their stone rarity would be the same as that of the legendary stones. This ore has neon white pentagons.
  • Orcalium – This kind of ore will be available in beaches and it is one of the rarest stone that gets tied with the illuminate for the third valuable ore. The shape of this variety would be starry and also the colour of it would be Hematite, Krixanium and Quartz.
  • Cannibal – it is the second most precious stone in the dino land, and its texture is similar to jade. You require a power drill for mining this one as this is deep inside that it takes 7 layers to get to it. Also, the base value of it is 45000.